The making of Ashe’s ice bow

Tegan asked me last year how hard it would be to make Ashe’s ice bow. I thought it would be a little hard but something that would be fun to do. So I said I would help. Well it was hard and time-consuming but worth it. Kim, Tegan, and I had a blast making this beast.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.30.21 AM.png    Ashe_Render.png 992.jpg

For the people that do not know: Ashe is from League of Legends. This was one of five bows we used as a reference.

This was my first time and Tegan’s first time making anything like this. It wasn’t until later, at a panel on molding and casting, we learned that it is better to start small. We laughed so hard about it and said that would have been a good idea. So mistakes were made and we did not have time to polish the bow to a smooth finish. By PAX East 2014, we did have a rocking bow. This is how it was made.


Tegan made spec to scale.


photo 1.JPG

We then carved it out of wood on a belt sander with 60-120 sanding belts.


photo 3.JPGphoto 6.JPG

The finished carving.


We then made the tow part mold.

419C8433.jpg 419C8439.jpg

The first and second half worked, but we did need to cut the mold given that the releasing agent did not work.

419C8445.jpg 419C8449.jpg

We then wrapped up the mold and poured in the resin…and hoped it worked…PLEASE PLEASE WORK!

419C8477.jpg 419C8480.jpg

Opening up the mold was nerve-racking. If you do not open it, you can just keep thinking it worked 🙂


Well it worked!


Yes we put the first half in this case so we could not break it. A little overkill, but we did not have time to make more.

photo 8.JPG

So we then made the other half. (Skipping this part because it is the same as the first half.)

photo 9.JPG

We then added a metal handle and wrapped it with biking handle bar tape.

photo 10.JPG

The finished bow!

419C9213 - Version 2.jpg Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.30.21 AM copy.png

Look at Tegan rocking that thing!  See all the Photos >>

419C9213 - Version 2.jpg

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