Got Milk? in a snow storm!

I woke up this morning to yet another snow storm. It was the 5th in the last 3 weeks. Each storm gave us over a foot of snow. This one was to be no different. But the true devastation was not known to me right way. My tragedy was that I was out of milk for my morning coffee.

What was a man to do? We had over 11 inches of fresh snow on the ground and winds that would knock over your small dog. This made it unsafe to travel by car so it looked like I would be walking to the local store. All I could hear in the back of my head was my grandfather’s voice “Son I would walk 5 miles uphill both ways barefoot in 10 feet of snow every day to get bread.” If my grandfather could do it, hell, I can too. In a decaffeinated delirium state, I thought why not take my camera and document the journey.

The way there:

untitled-9020 untitled-8959 untitled-8957 untitled-8934 untitled-8929 untitled-8918 untitled-8912 untitled-8893 untitled-8863

Got milk and a selfie:

IMG_6852 IMG_6853

Time to head home:

On the way home, the snow stopped but the wind was still blowing it all around to make a magical winter wonderland.

untitled-9059 untitled-9072 untitled-9084 untitled-9093 untitled-9095


The journey was a success: