Project Family Photo 2013 Chair Photos

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This was Part of the 2014 Project Family Photo Set.

Sometimes the simple ideas that happen on the fly come out to be very cool. This year I asked people to sit in a basic leather chair. After taking the “normal” photo, I asked them to do something silly or sit in a way they would not normally sit in a chair. This is the outcome.

_0017_Layer Comp 18.jpg _0004_Layer Comp 5.jpg _0011_Layer Comp 12.jpg _0008_Layer Comp 9.jpg _0014_Layer Comp 15.jpg _0009_Layer Comp 10.jpg _0005_Layer Comp 6.jpg _0002_Layer Comp 3.jpg _0003_Layer Comp 4.jpg _0019_Layer Comp 20.jpg _0012_Layer Comp 13.jpg _0016_Layer Comp 17.jpg _0007_Layer Comp 8.jpg _0022_Layer Comp 23.jpg _0010_Layer Comp 11.jpg _0000_Layer Comp 1.jpg _0021_Layer Comp 22.jpg _0001_Layer Comp 2.jpg _0020_Layer Comp 21.jpg _0013_Layer Comp 14.jpg _0015_Layer Comp 16.jpg _0018_Layer Comp 19.jpg _0006_Layer Comp 7.jpg